Cork Mobile Bottling was founded with the purpose of helping others through our hard work and dedication. Cork Mobile Bottling and its staff have hand picked a couple of organizations in which we feel strongly in supporting.

We have partnered with Estero Bay Kindness Coalition to provide high quality proteins to families in need in Morro Bay, Cayucos, Cambria and Los Osos.

Estero Bay Kindness Coalition

Our Mission

Our primary mission is to partner with for-profits, nonprofits, churches, and schools to benefit the greater good and those living on the margins in the Estero Bay community.

Bags of Love Estero Bay

Through BAGS OF LOVE we deliver groceries to over 135 food insecure students and their families each week. Our food deliveries include 2 bags of protein-rich meals and snacks, including fresh Cal Poly eggs, and 1 bag of mostly organic fruit and veggies. We discreetly deliver the bags to the doorsteps of each family’s home in consideration of their privacy.

Thanks to our close working relationship with our local partnered schools, BAGS OF LOVE started delivering food at the beginning of the pandemic when schools closed and kids who relied on “reduced/hot lunch” programs to eat during the week were at home without adequate nutrition. We went from feeding kids on the weekends to feeding whole families for the week, virtually overnight.

The recipients of this program are enrolled in the following 8 elementary and middle schools:


  • Baywood Elementary

  • Cambria Grammar School

  • Cayucos Elementary

  • Del Mar Elementary

  • Monarch Grove Elementary

  • Family Partnership School Morro Bay


  • Cambria Middle School

  • Los Osos Middle School

Every Wednesday and Thursday, our dedicated volunteers assemble at our Morro Bay and Los Osos food pantries where they unload trucks, unpack boxes, load shelves, pack grocery bags, and load the bags into cars and vans.Then our drivers are off to deliver the food in what is truly a team effort!

If you have a heart to help us make a difference, VOLUNTEER and lock arms with us as we all work together to serve and love our neighbors. Whether or not you can volunteer, please DONATE today and help make a difference in the lives of kids and families.