Cork Mobile Bottling is owned by San Luis Obispo County natives Chris and Jamie Neutill. Upon Jamie's, graduation from Cal Poly in 2008 with a degree in Special Event Planning and Administration, the couple excitedly chose to venture into the world of professional event planning. Chris graduated Cal Poly with a degree in Ag. Science and a double minor in Ag. Communications and Ag. Mechanics. With over 10 years of wedding and event planning experience they are no stranger to fast paced, high stakes work. Bottling wine and event planning both have high stakes, high standards, and high stress. Their cool and calm demeanor take the stress out of bottling, and the roll with the punches attitude helps make for an enjoyable bottling experience.

Chris and Jamie reside in Atascadero with their two young sons, Caleb and Micah, and their Miniature Schnauzer, Holly.

It all started with CJN Event planning in 2008. Over the years we have been introduced to many wineries and wine makers and have done well over 500 events at wineries. As we did more and more events we saw a need for a qualified and professional bartending company. The bartending company became a bridge company introducing us to the production and the wine sales of winery operation. As we talked with more and more wineries we saw a need for a bottling company. Since we had such a great working relationship with winery owners it became an easy and natural transition. Since 2008 our company has morphed and changed to be come a resource for wineries large and small. Why the three names you ask? We found we had greater success and where able to make more money for the wineries if clients and customers where hiring a company that matched the service they are looking for. Why would you higher a Plummer if you are looking for an electrician. As wineries are diversifying and finding new ways to generate income we as a company followed suit and found services that helped wineries the most.

Please check out our sister companies: CJN Event Planning for your event needs and Cork Mobile Bartending for your bartending needs.